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Ticket Fighters in Newmarket Give Advice on a DUI Charge

Ticket fighters in Newmarket can assist individuals with a driving under the influence charge. Driving while an individual’s ability is affected by alcohol or drugs is a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada. If convicted, an individual can lose their licence, be fined, or spend time in jail. An individual can be charged with impaired driving while sitting behind the wheel, where the vehicle does not even have to be moving.  It is an offence to operate or have care and control of a vehicle while the blood alcohol concentration is greater than 80 mg in 100 mm of blood. Drivers under twenty one years of age are required to have a zero blood alcohol level when they get behind the wheel.

Penalties for a DUI

Ticket fighters in Newmarket advise individuals that they must know what the penalties are before pleading guilty to a DUI. All drinking and driving offences are criminal offences which come with a criminal record if a guilty plea is entered. A person can also be facing high monetary fines, suspensions of driving license, increases in insurance premiums, possible cancellations of insurance policies, and possible jail time.  When entering a guilty plea, an individual is accepting the penalties that are associated with that offence.  Refusing the breathalyser test faces the same penalties as a DUI charge.

Seeking Advice from Ticket Fighters

It is wise to seek legal advice from ticket fighters in Newmarket if a person has been charged with impaired driving. There is always the possibility that there was a mistake and the charges may not be pending. Legal advice can assist a client if a police officer did not follow procedure. A legal representative has authority to investigate and question how the charges came about.  An individual may be concerned about the time and the cost of retaining a lawyer, but seeking legal advice may be the most cost-efficient and elaborate way to handle the situation. By seeking the advice of ticket fighters in Newmarket, an individual may be able to avoid:
  • Losing employment if driver’s license is suspended
  • Facing a severe change in lifestyle if license is suspended
  • Increase in insurance premiums
  • Cancellation of insurance premiums
  • A criminal record
  • The cost of remedial program which must be completed before license reinstatement
  • Installing an ignition interlock in the vehicle once driving privileges are restored

Avoiding a Criminal Record with a DUI Charge

Ticket fighters in Newmarket offer experienced representation to give a person charged with a DUI the needed legal advice in order to build a solid defence.  All drinking and driving related offences are criminal offences. The only way to avoid this is by having the DUI offence reduced to a non-criminal offence such as a Highway Traffic Act Ticket. The best way to do this is to plead not guilty and acquire the assistance of a ticket fighter. 

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